Obesity Problems: Troubled by obesity, include these yogasanas in your daily routine..


Obesity is like an unwanted guest who comes anytime, but you have to work hard to get rid of it. To lose weight, a balanced diet needs to be taken along with exercise. Many people think that they will reduce belly fat by eating any instant slimming product sold in the market, then know that it can be very fatal for health. In such a situation, the best option for you is yoga, with regular practice which the increasing belly fat can be reduced by making the body flexible. Today in this episode, we are going to tell you some such yogasanas, with the help of which you can reduce your weight without any harm. Let's know about them...


This is a beneficial asana to make the area around the stomach and navel shapely. Due to this, extra fat does not accumulate in the body and the weight also remains under control. For this, first of all, take a seat, and face towards the sky, lie straight on your back. Keep the hands straight by the waist, and keep your palms towards the ground. Now slowly move your neck upwards and keep your hands straight and raise them like a neck and simultaneously raise your legs in the same way and take the form of a boat. Stay in this posture for about twenty-five to thirty seconds. Then slowly go back to normal posture. Repeat Naukasana two to three times.

It helps to tone your stomach and you get a flat stomach if you contract your abdominal muscles while maintaining the position. Virabhadrasana is called the warrior pose. In this posture, your position is similar to the posture of going to the mountains. In this, while pulling your leg backwards, make the other leg in the forward jumping position. Then join the hands and go up to the top of the head. Now take your hand in front of the chest and straighten the stretched legs. Then keep the other leg still at 90 degrees and stretch both hands outwards.


This asana is very useful for reducing weight fast. The fat of the stomach, waist and thighs starts reducing immediately with this asana. By doing this asana every day in the morning for five to ten minutes, the stomach will start getting inside immediately. For this, first, take a seat, then bend the knees backwards and sit on the knees. Keeping the weight of the body on the heels, and inhaling, bend forward. Now your hands should be straight and your palms should be facing the ground. Make sure that your chest should touch the front of your thighs and knees. Also, your head should touch the ground. Do this asana for three to five minutes, then take some rest and repeat this asana four to five times.