OMG: The poison of these creatures can end the life of a person!


There is no dearth of poisonous creatures on earth. Today we are going to give you information about three such creatures of the earth who can end the life of any person in a moment with their poison. 


This includes poisonous creatures like Funnel Web Spider, Jellyfish, and Indian Red Scorpion. The poison of the Indian Red Scorpion found in India is also very dangerous. 


It is said that if this poisonous scorpion bites a person, then he dies in 72 hours.

The venom of the funnel web spider, native to Australia, is more dangerous than cyanide. Anyone can die from this in 15 minutes.

Jellyfish can also kill 60 people at a time with their venom. Box jellyfish venom can kill a person in a minute.