Numerology: People of this radix are sharp-minded, they rule over everyone's heart, know here...


Mulank 2 Numerology: Just as in Vedic astrology, based on nine planets and constellations, etc., the future of any person is ascertained, similarly with the help of numerology, you can know about your life. According to numerology, the date of birth has a lot of importance in life. Based on the date of birth, the person's radix is ​​also formed. Today we will talk about Radix 2. According to numerology, people born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th, and 29th of any month have a radix number 2. The nature of the people of Radix 2 is very calm. The people of this radix are beautiful in the body as well as in mind. Also, they get attracted to beautiful people very soon. Let us know the special things about people with radix 2...


According to numerology, the natives of Radix 2 are rich in mind. These people prove to be more successful in intellectual work. It is said that their intelligence is good. Because of this quality, the people of Radix 2 get more respect than others. Their biggest feature is that these people do not get upset at all even in adverse situations.

Are adept at accumulating money
The natives of Radix 2 are experts in accumulating wealth. Not only a job but they earn a lot of name in the business. They can also do well in the fields of music, singing, writing, art, etc.

Success in these areas
Due to their good image and soft-spoken, they have good qualities to be a politician. On the other hand, the people whose field of work is associated with creativity, can achieve fame.


Lack of confidence
However, a slight lack of confidence is seen in some people of Radix. They are not able to take decisions immediately. They are not able to say anything quickly. Also, their nature is changeable. Sometimes lack of concentration is also seen in them.

Good Day
The 2nd, 11th, 20th, and 29th dates prove to be highly auspicious for people with Radix 2. If you want to take any big step in the future, then these dates are considered especially good for them.