Note: Corona's havoc has returned again, these five mistakes of yours can infect you


The havoc of Corona in the country has again become a matter of concern for the common people from doctors. While on the one hand, till some time back the corona in the country seemed to be weakening, on the other hand, at present, many cases of corona are being reported every day. If we talk about the last 24 hours, then according to the data released by the Ministry of Health on Wednesday, 3 thousand 205 corona cases have been reported in the country in the last 24 hours. At the same time, this corona has also taken the lives of 31 patients during this period. However, 2802 corona patients have recovered and gone home in the last 24 hours. But the way Corona cases are coming out, it is a matter of concern for everyone. At the same time, some people are making many mistakes taking Corona lightly. So let us tell you which mistakes you do not have to forget to avoid corona. You can learn more about this in the next slides...


Do not make these mistakes even by forgetting:-
Not getting vaccinated
Many people have not yet taken the vaccine dose. In such a situation, if you want to protect yourself from corona, then for this it is necessary that you definitely get corona vaccine. Vaccination campaign is going on continuously in India, and those who are doubting about it should know that doctors have already told the vaccine to be completely effective and safe.

Abstaining from booster doses
Booster dose has also been started for people of 18 and 40 plus age in the country. Whereas, many people are seen negligent about the booster dose as well. Therefore, it is important that people who have taken both the doses of the vaccine for 9 months, they should also take a booster dose.

Not wearing a mask
Many people are not wearing masks. Whereas to avoid corona, it is necessary that everyone wear a mask. You must wear a mask in the office, in travel, outside the house etc. Wear a mask yourself and ask others to wear a mask too. You can wear a surgical mask or a cloth mask. At the same time, double masking is also a better option.

Not washing hands
Many people have completely forgotten hand hygiene. But to beat Corona, you should keep cleaning your hands from time to time. You must wash your hands for 20 minutes with the help of soap and water. At the same time, make sure to use sanitizer as well.


Not maintaining social distance
The way almost all the places are open at present. In such a situation, the risk of people getting infected remains high. That's why it is important that you maintain social distance. Do not be a part of the crowd in the office, shopping mall etc. and do not leave the house unnecessarily as much as possible.