Not only dosa, but these street foods are also famous in Chennai, don't forget to try them on the trip!


Chennai is one of those cities in India, which is famous not only for traveling but also for tasty foods. By the way, South Indian foods like Idli and Dosa are more in trend here. By the way, during the trip, you can also taste these street foods of Chennai here.


Bhaji: This is such a famous dish, which you will find at every stall in Chennai. Besan pakodas are called Bhaji here and are served with green chutney. You can also enjoy tea or filter coffee with pakodas.

Murukku: On the streets of Chennai, you will easily find the deep fry snack Murukku. It is made from rice flour, gram flour, cumin, and spices. Here you will also find the Muruku sandwich, in which you can taste the taste of tomato and mint.


Puttu: This is a famous dish in South India, which most people like to eat here for breakfast. This rice dish is served in different ways. In most parts of Chennai, it is served with a sweet dish or curry. Sometimes fish curry is served along with puttu.