Never Eat Medicine With These Things


Never Eat Medicine With these Things: Doctors always advise to take medicines and also tell at what time and with what. But some people do what they want, due to which their health starts getting worse instead of getting better. If the doctor has told to take the medicine with hot water, then some people eat it with milk, orange juice, or anything else. By doing this you are playing with your health. So let us know with which things medicines should not be consumed.

Medicines should also not be taken with energy drinks. It prolongs the time of dissolution of the medicine. Also, it can have a bad effect on your body.

Do not eat medicine with milk or buttermilk


Along with this, those who consume the medicine with buttermilk or milk should also be alert. This is also not good for health.

Never eat medicine with Coca-Cola


Let us tell you that Coca-Cola is quite a famous drink. Most people eat the medicine even more than this but let us tell you that this can also cause problems for you and it may take time for the medicine to dissolve.

Do not eat medicine with orange juice


Many people eat medicine with orange juice while having breakfast, but let us tell you that due to this the medicine does not dissolve in your body quickly, which can cause problems for you.

Do not take medicine with coffee


Some people eat medicine even with coffee but tell that you are doing your harm by this. A study has revealed that taking medicine with any hot drink like coffee can cause problems.