Net Saree Styling Tips: - Follow these tips while wearing a net saree


Saree is one of the favorite outfits of Indian women. Usually, women first make the idea of ​​wearing a saree on a special occasion. Saree is a versatile outfit that women like to drape in many different ways. However, not only can you be experimental with the draping style while wearing a saree, but you can also be a bit picky about the fabric.

You can select different types of fabrics like georgette, silk, net, crepe, etc. But when there is an evening or night party then every woman prefers to wear a net saree. Net sarees have a distinct grace that will help enhance the look of any woman. However, wearing a net saree can be a bit tricky. To get a perfect look at it, you should pay special attention to some small tips. So let us tell you about some such tips in this article today-

Give open look to the pallu

Your look in a net saree mainly depends on the pallu. By the way, you must be making pleats in the pallu of the sari. But when it comes to the net sari, it is considered best to have an open pallu look with it. Never make the mistake of making pallu pleats in a net saree, it will spoil your entire look. Usually, the whole sari of the net is worked and in such a situation if the pallu is kept open then the beauty of the saree comes out.


Tie a sari on the west bone

When you are wearing a net saree, you need to take special care that you do not tie it too high or too low. Net sarees are already transparent and hence you do not need to wear them in a very revealing manner. You can give a balanced touch to your look by tying the net saree on the west bone.

Choose petticoats wisely 

It is equally important to choose the right petticoat with a net saree. The satin fabric has a sheen to it which makes it the perfect choice to wear under a net saree. So try to choose the best matching satin petticoat with a net saree.

If you want, you can also wear a shimmer petticoat as it also has a sheen which makes the look of a net saree even more attractive. Never make the mistake of wearing a normal cotton petticoat under a net saree. Apart from this, also keep in mind that pair straight fit or fishtail cut petticoats with net sarees.  

Pin up the pleats


Wearing a net saree, it is necessary to pay attention to its pleats. After wearing the saree and setting the pleats, do not forget to pin it. If you don't pin it well you can slip it while walking. You certainly wouldn't want that at all.

Also, keep this in mind

If you are wearing a net saree and want to highlight it, then the best way is to keep your accessories and makeup to a minimum. Wearing a net saree looks very stylish and in such a situation, if the makeup and accessories are kept to a minimum, then it brings out the look of the saree.

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