Net Blouse Stitching Tips:-Keep these things in mind before sewing a net blouse, you will get the desired look in the saree


A blouse has a very important role in a saree. You can wear the saree in any way you want, but you will get the desired look only if your blouse is well made, or stitched. Nowadays women try different types of blouse designs with saree to make their look most unique and beautiful. does. 

In this way, women are at the forefront of following every trend of blouses, but they do not take care of some basic things while getting the blouse stitched, due to which the fitting of their blouse is not right. Along with this, the look of her saree also gets spoiled. So let's know the tips 



The neckline of a net blouse should be chosen very carefully. It should be selected by looking at the shape of your face. The neckline attracts a lot of your look. If your face is round, then the boat neckline will look good on you and if you have a square face, then V shape neckline will look good on you. Apart from this, you can also try the sweetheart neckline blouse. 

Deep Neck Designs 


If you are fond of deep neck designs then remember that the depth of the front neck should not be too much. 


Blouse fitting is the most important thing, so always get the blouse stitched by an expert tailor. Also, go and measure it yourself, do not give your previous blouse for measurement. This may cause your fitting to be wrong. Also, ask to have enough space in the blouse, so that if your weight increases, you can loosen that blouse again.

Sleeves Blouse


If you have broad shoulders then you should not wear a cut sleeve blouse. In this, your hands will look thicker. Cut sleeves look better on thin people. Instead, you can wear full sleeves blouses, blouses with sleeves up to the elbow. You can also get frills, laces, zips and tassels to make it stylish.  

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