Neem leaves solve health problems! Click here to know about them


Neem leaves are very useful for health. Many such nutrients are found inside these leaves, by consuming them many problems of the body can be overcome. In such a situation, people should know how to use neem leaves. Today's article is on this topic. Today we will tell you through this article how to use neem leaves for health. 

If you are troubled by boils and pimples, then wash the neem leaves thoroughly and then boil them in water and filter the water. Now take a bath with that water, by doing this not only the problem of itching and itching can go away, but the boils and pimples can also go away. 

Chewing neem leaves can also have many benefits. In such a situation, wash the neem leaves thoroughly and then consume them. By doing this, the bad bacteria present inside the stomach are removed and the digestive system remains healthy. 


If you are feeling the problem of vomiting again and again, then add neem leaves with money and black pepper and consume half a cup of water. By doing this the problem of vomiting can be overcome. 

Your name can also be of great use in removing the burning of hands and feet. In this way, apply a paste of neem leaves to the affected area. 

If you are troubled by lice, then in such a situation, apply neem oil on the head and massage it well. By doing this, both nits and lice will end.