Navratri Vrat Recipes: Do not try, this Navratri Kuttu dumpling, try some Spicy Arbi Koftas this time, note the recipe.


Navratri Vrat Recipes: Same fruit every time can bore you. Keeping this in mind, we have brought for you a completely different Navratri Fruit Recipe Arbi Kofta.

Arbi Kofta Recipe In English: The fasting of Navratri is about to begin. During this, the devotees of Maa Durga worship and fast for the whole 9 days. Do not feel weak during Navratri fast, so people keep on eating fruits in between. Generally, people eat Kuttu dumplings or sabudana during Navratri fast.


Ingredients for making Arbi Kofta:

- 250 grams of Arbi
- 3 tbsp Buckwheat Flour
- 1 Green Chilli
- half an inch Ginger
- Ajwain 1 tsp
-Rock salt as per taste
-oil for frying

To make Chutney with Arbi Kofta:
- mint leaves
- Curd 100 grams
- Cucumber 50 grams


How to make Arbi Koftas:

To make arbi koftas, first, boil the arbi, take out its peel and keep it aside. After that add all the ingredients in it and mix it well. Keep in mind, while making koftas, apply oil to your palms so that the kofta mixture does not stick to your hands. Shape these koftas into your desired shape and fry them in a pan in a little oil till they turn golden brown.

To prepare the chutney for the koftas, first, hang the curd in a cloth so that its water drains out. Cut mint leaves and cucumber and mix them in curd. Chutney for koftas is also ready. You can enjoy arbi kofta with this chutney during Navratri fast.