Navratri 2022 - The vehicle of the Goddess gives auspicious and inauspicious signs during Navratri; Know on which vehicle the mother will sit this year!


Everyone is eagerly waiting for Sharadiya Navratri, which comes fifteen days after saying goodbye to Ganapati. Devi Navratri starts from Shukla Pratipada of Ashwin month. Devotees believe that the goddess who fulfills all the wishes of the devotees comes to earth during this period. This festival of the Goddess is celebrated with fast and vigilance. Every year the vehicle of the goddess is different. There are some good and bad signs behind it.


Every year during Navratri, the goddess arrives in various vehicles. This vehicle includes a horse, buffalo, palanquin, man, boat, and elephant. Boats and elephants in these vehicles are auspicious signs, while all others are inauspicious signs. If the vehicle of the goddess is a horse, then a war-like situation arises. If the goddess comes by elephant or by boat, all is auspicious. If the goddess comes from a palanquin, it is a sign of destruction and great destruction.

The vehicle of the goddess is determined by the opening strokes of the Navratri festival. According to the day from which Navratri starts, the goddess has a vehicle. This year Navratri is starting on Monday. It is said that when Navratri starts on Sunday or Monday, the goddess comes riding on an elephant. Therefore this year the vehicle of the goddess is an elephant. These are auspicious signs according to astrology. The elephant is a symbol of wisdom and prosperity. It brings prosperity and happiness. This will bring economic prosperity to the country this year and knowledge will increase. Also, the vehicle for the departure of the goddess also depends on the wind. The goddess will depart on an elephant on Wednesday, October 5.


There are four Navratri festivals of the Goddess in a year. Among them, Navratri of Chaitra month and Navratri of Ashwin month both have special significance. In the month of Ashwin, 9 forms of Goddess are worshiped during Shardiya Navratri. This time Devi Navratri is starting on the 26th of September. Dussehra is on 5th October. During Navratri, the goddess is worshiped and fasting is observed. Devotees believe that worshiping the goddess during this time gives them freedom from suffering.