Navratri 2022: Drink these healthy drinks to keep yourself hydrated while fasting during Navratri!


The festival of Navratri is starting on 26 September this time. This festival is celebrated with pomp across the country. During this time people keep fast and worshipped nine forms of Goddess Durga with rituals. You can feel very tired and dehydrated during the fast. In such a situation, you can include many types of healthy foods and drinks in the diet. They are rich in nutrients. Some of these foods have high water content. These will help keep you hydrated during Navratri. Let's know what things can be included in the diet.


Coconut water

Coconut water contains potassium. It works to keep the body hydrated. It keeps the stomach clean. This makes you feel fresh for a long time. It keeps your digestive system healthy.


The water content in cucumber is very high. Cucumber is rich in nutrients and antioxidant properties. It helps to keep the body hydrated. It removes toxins from the body. It protects the body from the damage of free radicals.


The water content of the bottle gourd is high. You can also consume a bottle gourd during fasting. You can consume it in the form of halwa. It is full of taste and health. A bottle gourd is very beneficial for diabetic patients. It helps in controlling the sugar level.

Water chestnut

Water chestnut is rich in many nutrients. It contains nutrients like vitamin B, iron, vitamin C, calcium, protein, and magnesium. It helps in removing the lack of water in the body. You feel energetic after consuming it.

Sweet potato

Sweet potato helps in boosting your immunity. It is very beneficial in keeping the body hydrated. You can consume it in the form of pudding and salad etc. Sweet potatoes are rich in potassium, calcium, and sodium.


Consumption of curd is also very beneficial for health. It is rich in nutrients. It helps in increasing your energy level. It helps to keep the body hydrated.


Green tea

You feel very fresh after consuming green tea. It works to remove toxins from the body. You can drink a cup of green tea daily. It helps to prevent dehydration and keep you fit.