Nail Extension at home Tips:-Do nail extension in these easy steps sitting at home, know-how


Many women naturally have long and nice nails. In such a situation, they do not have to do many frills to enhance the beauty of their hands. Many women have short nails. She does nail extensions for long nails. Most women feel that for this one has to go to the nail studio and a lot of money is also spent.

If you aspire to have long and beautiful nails, then you can easily do nail extensions in a few steps sitting at home. Do you want to know how? So do read this article till the end. 

Step 1 Remove Nail Paint

First, remove the nail polish. For this, you should use a nail paint remover that contains Vitamin E. You must have also noticed that after applying the remover, the skin becomes dry. To avoid this problem, nail paint removers with vitamin E are perfect. 

Step-2 File the nails

The next step comes to filing the nails. In this, you have to file the area near the cuticles with light pressure. However, you can use a nail filer for this. If you want to get the perfect shape, then an electric filer will be best for this.

Step-3 Buff the Nails

Now start buffing the top of your nails. Buffing your nails means you're reducing the shine of your nails and creating a surface on which the nail glue can stick.

This step is very important for nail extension. Otherwise, the fake nails will not stick properly. Pay special attention to the edges of the nails. Make sure your nails look matte. 

Step-4 Pay attention to the cuticles

Using the cuticles pusher tool, push the cuticles back. If you want, you can also cut the cuticles. Apart from this, loose bits can also be cleaned. By doing this the nail extensions will be well protected.

Step-5 Choose Nail Extension

Now it's time to buy nail extensions. You should choose nail extensions that cover your nails from tip to edge. Now that you've bought these, file them now. 

Step-6 Apply Glue on Nail Extensions

Now apply nail glue to the inside of the nail extension. If you want, you can also apply direct glue to the nails. Keep in mind that you only apply extensions to one nail at a time, as you will then have to use a UV lamp to secure the nails. If you don't have it, you can use a blow dryer.

Step-7 Apply Nail Paint

Now apply nail paint to your nails. For this, you can choose the colour as per your choice. You can also do nail art. Apply at least two coats of nail paint. When it dries, apply two coats of transparent nail paint. This will make your nails shine. Get your nail extension done sitting at home. 


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