Nail Care Tips: - Nails are cracking due to rain, so take care of them like this


With the onset of rains, many skin problems start occurring. Women are often troubled by the problems of pimples and acne on the skin. In such a situation, among many problems, the nails start to break and break again and again. In this season, due to bacteria, infection in the nails also starts. Just like we take care of our skin, we should also take care of our nails. 

Some women trim cuticles for nail care, but they should not do this either. Board CertifiedDermatologist Dr Jayshree Sharad says, “Nail cuticles are there to protect your nails and nail bed. When you trim it, it allows organisms like dirt, grime, soapy water, bacteria and micro-organisms to penetrate directly into the nail bed and deeper layers of the skin. Due to this the nails start breaking, become brittle and also cause fungal infection etc.'

You should take great care of your nails in monsoon and wash them and moisturize them well. Dr Sharad has also shared some nail care tips. Let us and you know them too. 

1. Wash and dry hands and trim

Washing your hands with soap not only kills germs but also takes good care of your nails. The dirt accumulated in it also gets removed. So wash your hands thoroughly first and then dry them thoroughly. After this, trim the enlarged nails a little bit. Take care not to cut the nail from the edge with a nail cutter, it may cause injury after that file your nails. 

2. Apply Nail Moisturizer

Take a dot-size moisturizer with your hands and apply them to the nails as well. Moisturizing the nails at least once a day can reduce the problem of brittle nails. It also repairs the skin around the nails. Applying moisturizing cream or hand cream on the nails daily will help keep them moist. Do not use acetone to remove nail polish; instead remove your nail polish with acetone-free oil-based remover. 

3. Apply Nail Serum


After this, apply nail serum to your nails. Nail Serum is designed to prevent further damage to weak, brittle and cracked nails. The serum wraps your nails and cuticles in hydrating oil. This serum is enriched with antioxidants, emollients and vitamins which help in the healthy growth of nails. Also, it repairs the nail internally and nourishes it with strong growth.

4. Make sure to apply a base coat before applying nail polish

If you are applying nail polish, then first apply a base coat on your nails. Using a base coat prevents the polish from actually touching your nails directly. This makes your nails look healthy. If you apply a base coat under the nail polish then the nails will stay healthy. After that apply nail polish and finally, once again apply the top coat. 

Now take care of your nails in the same way during the rainy season. By trying these tips, your nails will be healthy. Do not make the mistake of cutting your cuticles and keep trimming your nails from time to time to avoid any kind of infection. Also dry hands thoroughly.

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