Nail Art tips and Tricks: - From beauty blenders to earbuds, do nail art with these things

FASHION TIPS: Decorate your nails in the wedding season with these trendy nail arts!

To enhance the beauty of nails, women get manicures and pedicures done. This makes the nails very clean. Now the nails are clean, the next step comes, to make them beautiful. For this, women do nail art. For this, she goes to the parlour and spends thousands of rupees. But if you want, you will not need to go to the parlour for this and you can easily do different nail art with some things present in the house.

Do you want to know how? So do read this article till the end. 

Nail art with a beauty blender

FASHION TIPS: Decorate your nails in the wedding season with these trendy nail arts!

You must have used the beauty blender only for applying foundation. But if we tell you that you can do nail art with it? So you might not believe it, but it's true. However, you don't need to use a new blender for this. Any old bad thing will also work. First, apply nail paint on the nails. Now apply coloured nail paint on the tip of the blender. Now tap the tip on the nail. Make small balls. You can also use different colours if you want. This will make your nails look more beautiful. 

Earbuds will work

If you just throw it away after cleaning the ear with the earbuds, then we should stop doing that. Because you can do many other things with it, like nail art. Just take one earbud, and now apply some nail paint on it. Then with the help of this, make crooked lines on the nails. Get your nail art done. 


You can also use a toothpick to do nail art. With this, you can make any kind of design. The best part is that it gives a good finishing to the design. Because the toothpick is so thin, you won't have any trouble doing nail art. Just apply nail paint on half the nail. Now apply nail paint on the back of the toothpick. Now make two dots from it, then with the help of the front side of the toothpick, make a curve line. That is, you have to make a smiling face. 

Use hairpin


Hair pins are not only useful for hair styling. You can also solve many types of problems with its help. Do you like doing nail art? If yes, then today we will teach you how to make designs with the help of hairpins. Take a zig-zag pin instead of a simple one. Apply nail paint to the pin, then apply it to the nails in any pattern. 

Make a design with a pen refill

Apart from writing with a pen, you can also do nail art with it. Just don't throw it away when the ink runs out in the pen and use it to enhance the beauty of your nails. First of all, apply black colour nail paint. Now apply white nail paint on the end of the refill. Now make any design from it as per your choice. 

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