Myths about Tampoons: - Why virgin girls are afraid of using tampons, know the important information related to it


Pads are always mentioned when it comes to menstrual products, but when it comes to something other than that, people always get scared. There are many menstrual hygiene products available in the market, about which women and girls are hesitant. Most of all, there is a problem with tampons and menstrual cups. 

Most virgins do not like to use tampons. According to them, using it is like breaking virginity. But does it happen?

MBBS, MD (Obgyn) Dr Amina Khalid has shared information related to tampons on her Instagram account. Today, along with the myths related to tampons, we will also tell you information related to it. 

Why are virgins afraid to use tampons?

The simple reason for this is that girls are afraid that due to this, there is a risk of virginity, whereas this is the biggest myth related to tampons. This does not pose any threat to the virginity. The fact is that tampons are only a method of period protection that does not affect the hymen. Most girls think that using a tampon in the vaginal opening makes a difference, but in reality, it is so small that it can only fit in the vaginal opening. 

Yes, the hymen can also break due to shape, health, size, physical activity, etc., which have nothing to do with sex. But this is not possible to a great extent with tampons.

Myths about tampons that aren't true

  • Tampon gets lost in the vagina
  • Can't sleep with a tampon
  • Tampons always cause TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome)
  • Tampons cannot be used from the first period
  • Tampons can cause endometriosis 

The truth is that if you keep the tampon in for too long, the problem will increase. But if you don't do this then there is no problem. Yes, you have to take care not to apply it for a long time.  

The right way to use a tampon 

Which menstrual product you want to use can be your own choice and hence you must take care of your convenience. Toxic shock syndrome can be caused by improper use of tampons and you must use them correctly.  

Follow the instructions 

You have to make sure that you follow all the instructions properly and take care of whatever is written in the packet. If you haven't used a tampon before, try watching the video for the first time.  

Use tampons only during periods 

Keep in mind that it can cause vaginal irritation, so use it only during periods.  

Use a tampon with low absorbency 

This is because such tampons can be changed regularly and there is no risk of getting TSS.  

Change tampons every 4-8 hours 

You need to keep in mind that tampons should always be changed every 4-8 hours. Never apply it for more than 8 hours duration.  

Tampons can never be reused, always throw them away after use.  

If you see these symptoms, talk to the doctor 

  • If you suddenly get a fever 
  • If there is sudden dizziness or vomiting
  • Vomiting happens
  • The problem of skin rash or sunburn etc. starts appearing without any reason.
  • If diarrhoea starts, talk to a doctor 

Tampons can give you long-term protection and so you must pay attention to them. Do tell us which product you use for menstrual hygiene. 


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