Motichoor Laddu Recipe: Prepare Motichoor Laddu at home to offer Bappa to Ganpati Bappa, here is the recipe...


Most people find it difficult to make Motichoor Laddu. But with this easy method, you can prepare Motichoor laddus quickly. So let's know what is the method of making Motichoor Laddu.

Ingredients for making Motichoor Laddu
Two hundred grams of gram flour, yellow food color, three tablespoons of desi ghee, four hundred grams of sugar, rose water or kewra water, lemon juice, and pistachios finely chopped.


How to make Motichoor Laddu
To make Motichoor laddus, filter the gram flour and keep it in a vessel. Add some food color to the gram flour. Also, add one spoonful of desi ghee and mix it well. Now prepare the solution by adding water to the gram flour according to the preparation of the boondi. Keep in mind that this solution should not be too thin or too thick. The batter of gram flour should be such that by taking it on a spoon, it falls easily.

Now put the wok on the gas and add oil to it for frying. When the oil starts heating slightly, reduce the flame of the gas. Now take a sieve with a small hole over the pan. By which the size of the boondi becomes small. Now pour the gram flour mixture into this sieve. Strained through a sieve, the solution will fall into the oil in a round shape. Fry it till it becomes golden. Prepare all the boondi by this process. When all the boondis are made, squeeze out the excess oil accumulated on them with the help of your hands. So that the oil does not separate when put in the syrup.


Now prepare syrup
To make syrup, put 400 grams of sugar in a pan. Put some water together and put it on the gas. When the syrup starts to thicken, add a few drops of lemon juice to it. Sugar does not stick to the laddoos because of lemon juice. Also, put kewra water or rose water in this syrup. When the syrup starts getting thick, then turn off the gas and remove the vessel from the gas.

Now mix boondi in this syrup and cover it. When it cools down and becomes touchable by hand, then prepare these boondi ladoos. Paste the chopped pistachios on top. Delicious Motichoor Laddu is ready for enjoyment.