Mother's Day: It is very important to take care of the skin after the age of 40, take the help of these tips


Sometimes in kitchen work and sometimes in fulfilling family responsibilities, a woman is always busy. Not only this, when a woman becomes a mother, her responsibilities also double. In such a situation, women are not able to take out time for themselves. By being engaged in all this, women stop paying attention to their hobbies, dreams, aspirations, even their beauty. As you age, your cell production decreases. In such a situation, women should take special care of their skin especially at the age of 40. They should follow such a skin care routine that suits the skin, the big thing is that the mother does not have time for self love and self care and no matter how much it is said that for a mother anything before her child Does not happen. That's why today on the occasion of Mother's Day, we want to give some similar skin care tips to mothers, which they can adopt in less time and effort.


When skin cells become less, the skin becomes patchy. There is a change in its texture. It is also true that you cannot stop the aging process. In such a situation, you should take special care of your skin. With this you can slow down the process. It can also prevent negative effects on the skin.

Oil massage
If the skin is not active, then the blood circulation gets disturbed at that place. In such a situation, it is very important that you massage your face regularly. You do not need any special cream or oil for this. You can massage from face to neck by taking 5 drops of ordinary coconut oil in the palm.

Ice facial
With ageing, changes are seen in the skin. The first change is the loosening of the skin and the main reason for this is the problem of large pores and open pores. If you are also facing this problem then you do not need to work hard. Just collect ice at home and do regular facial massage for 5 minutes. Ice facials will reduce the problem of open pores and tighten the skin.


Anti aging cream
Apply lotions and creams that are anti-aging. These will increase the collagen in the skin of the face and will remove wrinkles from the skin. Get regular facial massage done by visiting the regular facial massage parlor. This will remove the wrinkles of the face and make the face tight.