Mothers Day 2022: Make this special cake with easy recipe for mother, the fun of Mother's Day celebration will increase


Many countries of the world celebrate Mother's Day every year on the second Sunday of May. This year May 8 is the second Sunday of May, so Mother's Day is being celebrated on May 8. In the last few years, the craze of Mother's Day celebration has increased. People are curious about this day. To make your mother feel special, you celebrate Mother's Day in different ways. Some party, go on a dinner date with the mother, then many give gifts to the mother. During the Corona period, when people were unable to get out of the house due to the lockdown, they were adopting different ideas to celebrate Mother's Day at home. You can adopt these ideas this year also on the occasion of Mother's Day. On this Mother's Day, make something for mother with your own hands at home. Now Mother's Day is celebrated so you can make Mother's Day special cake. Mother will not only like the cake made by you, the celebration will also take four moons. Let's know the recipe for making Mother's Day Special Cake.


Banana cake
You will eat a lot of cakes, but if you want to do something special on Mother's Day, then you can make banana and chia seed cake. Your mother will definitely like its taste. It is also easy to make. Learn about the recipe and ingredients needed to make Banana and Chia Seed Cake.

Ingredients for Mother's Day Special Cake
7-8 bananas, 450 g castor sugar, 450 g flour, milk, 4-5 eggs, oil, baking soda, flax seeds, almond flakes and sia seeds


Cake Recipe
Step 1- To make the cake, peel the ripe banana and beat it well in the mixer.
Step 2- After this, add egg, milk, sugar and beaten banana in the mixer bowl and mix it.
Step 3- In a bowl add flour, baking soda and chia seeds and mix it well. Later add the banana mixture to it as well.
Step 4- Keep this mixture for some time, so that it swells.
Step 5- Now put oil in a baking dish and pour the banana mixture into the cake molds.
Step 6- Garnish with chopped almonds and flaxseeds on top.
Step 7- Then bake the cake on 165 degree heat for at least 25 minutes.
Ready made delicious banana cake.