Mosquito Biting: Your diet can also become the reason for mosquito bites! Learn How


Do you also think that mosquitoes bite you even in the crowd? Or you feel that mosquitoes leave others and come towards you. Experts say this may be due to color and body odor, but a new study has emerged that suggests that diet also acts to attract mosquitoes. Studies have shown that what we eat or drink can affect our respiratory and skin microbiomes.


Some people experience more pain and swelling from mosquito bites and this may be due to a weakened immune system. In this article, we are going to tell you how food or food can attract mosquitoes. This is the reason why mosquitoes are attracted; the human body produces compounds called VOCs. Compounds such as lactic acid, carbon dioxide, and ammonia present in the body can also attract mosquitoes. 

We are going to tell you about some such things that can cause mosquito bites.

Research has found that people who drink alcohol are more prone to mosquito bites. This is because the body temperature increases with the consumption of alcohol and in this condition, the VOCs start changing. In such a situation, if you want to avoid mosquito bites, then avoid the consumption of alcohol.


Research also suggests that people who consume or are addicted to a lot of coffee or tea are also more susceptible to mosquito bites. Experts say that caffeine increases the level of metabolism and in this condition, the body temperature starts rising. It is believed that mosquitoes are easily attracted to warm skin. Avoid caffeinated beverages if you are going out.