Monsoon Health Tips: Keep your distance from these foods in the monsoon or else there may be trouble!


Monsoon season acts as a relief from summer. The fun of eating tea and snacks in the rainy season is different. Many people also make plans to travel in this season. But this season also brings many types of diseases along with it. There is a need to take more care of health in this season. In this season you also need to take great care of your diet. There are many such foods in this season that you should not include in your diet. Including them in the diet increases the risk of infection and flu. Let us know which foods should not be included in the diet during the monsoon season.


Leafy vegetables

We are generally advised to eat leafy vegetables to stay healthy. These vegetables are rich in iron. But in monsoon, one should avoid eating leafy vegetables. In this season, there is a lot of possibility of getting germs in these vegetables. Therefore their consumption should be avoided. It includes spinach, cabbage, cauliflower, etc.


Seafood should not be eaten during the monsoon season. This includes fish and prawns etc. This is the breeding season for fish and prawns. Therefore, avoid eating seafood in these seasons.

Street food

Street food should not be consumed in this season. It includes gol gappas, kachoris, samosas, etc. These foods are kept in the open. They get spoiled very quickly due to dust and pollution. This season also brings bacteria and insects along. By consuming these foods, you may have to face many problems related to the stomach. Problems like constipation, bloating and food poisoning may be faced.


Avoid consumption of cold and sour things

Ice cream, juice, and sour things should not be consumed in this season. Due to this, there may be a sore throat. This can cause trouble.

Wash things up

Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly after bringing them home during the rainy season. It is very important to wash these things properly. Along with this, care should be taken while buying them. If something is cut from somewhere, do not buy it.