Monsoon Hair Care Tips: Always keep these simple tips in mind during monsoon season, hair will remain soft and shiny!


Your body, hair, and skin require extra attention during the monsoon season. As a result of high humidity during monsoon, the environment can become sticky and damage the hair. Some of the hair care issues include dandruff, hair fall, etc. which are caused by moisture. Additionally, during monsoons, your hair is quite delicate, which needs a lot of attention. With the use of a few simple daily hair care routines, you can easily solve your hair problems throughout the monsoon season.


Shampoo and condition your hair

Regular shampooing can help in cleaning up the grime or residue on your scalp that may have been caused by rain. Your hair should be completely soaked in water before using the shampoo. Use neither too hot nor too cold water.

Choose the right comb

Choosing a proper comb is essential for taking care of your hair during monsoons. Combs with many teeth pull the hair, due to which too much hair starts breaking. Use a wide-tooth comb after conditioning and rinsing your hair. Use a light hairbrush, and only then let your hair dry almost completely. After washing your hair, avoid combing it immediately.

Eat right


The health of your hair is greatly influenced by your diet. A nutritious diet nourishes the hair follicles and prevents damage to the hair. Both green leafy vegetables and eggs should be a part of your diet. Additionally, you should include food rich in protein, iron, vitamin E, and omega 3 fatty acids in your regular diet.

Tie your hair

To retain moisture and reduce frizz, braid your hair. Incessant monsoon rains and excessive moisture are harmful to your mane. Hence, loose ponytails and buns are ideal hairstyles.

People often have hair problems during the monsoon season, which include oily hair, dandruff, itchy scalp, and oily scalp. This can aggravate the problems and permanently damage the hair if not treated properly. Hence the above hair care advice is highly beneficial in the monsoon season to keep your hair strong, shiny, and healthy.