Monsoon Foot Care: Take care of feet in rain, otherwise a fungal infection may happen...


Due to the viscosity of the monsoon, bacteria start growing very quickly. In such a situation, it is said to take great care of the things from the body to the food and drink. If you go out of the house every day and have to wear socks on your feet. So it is necessary to take special care of them. Because due to socks and shoes throughout the day, there is a risk of infection due to moisture in the feet.


-If there is a fungal infection in the feet or infection between the fingers, then do not walk barefoot during the rainy season. Always apply anti-fungal powder. So that the feet remain dry. And there should be no moisture in them.

-If the shoes get wet in the rain, do not wear them without drying them properly in the sun. To prevent fungal infection, the first thing is to keep the feet and footwear dry. Because most of the infections are caused by moisture. Because bacteria grow faster in moisture.

-Keep toenails trimmed and keep them clean. Long and dirty nails also lead to fungal infections of the feet. Therefore, keep the nails of the feet neither too long nor too short. Because a short nail also causes a cut on the feet. Due to this, there is a risk of infection. So keep your nails trimmed and don't let the dirt accumulate.


-If you want to wear shoes and socks on your feet, then mix camphor powder with the powder. Then apply it on the feet and wear socks. By doing this, the feet will not smell. Along with this, once a week, mix salt and shampoo in warm water and clean the feet by immersing them in it for 15 minutes. This will clear the accumulated bacteria and dirt.