Mint Tea Benefits: Drink this green leaf tea in summer, the feeling of coolness will remain throughout the day


Mint Tea Benefits: There is such tea in the summer season, which will make you feel cool. Not only this, but it is also beneficial for you in the headache caused in the summer season. So let's know which tea is this after all.

Mint Tea Benefits: In the summer season, some people run away from tea, because they think that it is better to drink a cold drink, but tell that such people do not need to run away from tea anymore because such people Mint tea is very beneficial for everyone knows that in summer, mint works to provide coolness to the body. So in such a situation, you can also drink mint tea. With this, not only will you feel less heat, but exhaustion will also go away. So let us know how to make this tea and what are its benefits.

1. Body will get cool

Mint tea will cool down your body. Let us tell you that mint leaves contain vitamin-A, vitamin-C and B-complex, phosphorus, and calcium, and it has anti-bacterial properties. This improves the level of hemoglobin. It is also beneficial for brain health.

2. Headaches caused by heat will also go away

During the summer season, most people also start complaining of a headache. If you consume this tea in such a situation, then you will get many more benefits. That is, your headache will go away due to this. At the same time, fatigue and weakness will not be felt.

3. Weight will also be reduced

Such people who are engaged in reducing weight can also consume this tea. By consuming it regularly you can lose weight. The amount of calories in mint is very less, so it is helpful in weight loss.

How to make mint tea

First, you wash 6-7 mint leaves. After this, heat some water on the gas. After boiling it, add these leaves to it. After some time turn off the gas and cover it for some time. After a while, you can filter it and drink it.

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