Migraine In Summers: How To Avoid Migraine Attack In The Scorching Heat?


Migraine In Summers: According to some research, the problem of migraine increases in the summer season. Global warming happening around the world and speech heat falling in India can cause many problems related to healthy people and migraine is also one of them.

Migraine In Summers: Migraine is a common neurological problem characterized by a severe headache. Women are more prone to migraine problems than men. A severe headache in migraine can last from 4 to 72 hours. Apart from this, its patients may have nausea or vomiting, as well as trouble with bright light or sound.

According to the Global Disease Burden Study, migraine is the third most common health issue in the world. Migraine triggers include lack of sleep, skipping meals, over-workout, emotional stress, bright lights, loud noises, certain odors, hormone changes, periods, and dehydration. The smell of certain food items can also trigger a migraine, such as caffeine, chocolate, cheese, pickles, and processed meat. Apart from this, changes in weather, such as high heat, humidity, and strong sunlight can also trigger a migraine attack.

Tips to avoid migraine in summer:

1. Stay hydrated: Always carry a water bottle with you when you step out of the house. At least 2 to 3 liters of water must be drunk in a day.

2. Pay attention to diet: Instead of coffee, red wine, chocolate, and cheese, eat mango, watermelon, cucumber, and green leafy vegetables.

3. Make sure to use hats and shades: Wearing a hat or cap in strong sunlight does not expose the head to direct sunlight and you avoid a migraine attack.

4. Cosmetics: When choosing sunscreen, go for fragrance-free products.

5. Keep AC temperature under control: 25-27°C is the ideal temperature for the human body.

6. Maintaining a strict routine: Eat and sleep on time. Never skip meals, even when you're on vacation.

7. Avoid sunlight: Try not to go out in strong sunlight. If you want to go out or exercise, then choose a time for this when there is no sunlight. This will save you from dehydration and heat exhaustion.

8. Stress Management: Don't take the stress and try to make your work easy, learn to manage time. If you are in the office, don't take all the workload on yourself, distribute the work among your team. Take breaks from time to time. Give complete rest to the body.

What to do in case of a migraine attack?

Find a place that is quiet, and dark, so you can relax and hydrate yourself. Drink a glass of water, use cold compresses, and take medicine. There is no way to avoid every type of headache, but we can reduce it with the help of some steps.

Disclaimer: The advice and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purposes only and should not be taken as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor if you have any questions or concerns.