Microsoft Word tips: These tips and tricks will make you an expert, know about them...


Microsoft launched MS Word in the year 1983. Since then MS Word is much preferred for word formatting. The biggest reason for its popularity is that this software is designed in such a way that almost all the work of word formatting can be done easily in it. But do you know all the features of this software? In this report, we will tell you about some amazing features of MS Word, so that you too will become an expert in this software and word formatting. Let's know about these tips and tricks...


Start Typing Anywhere
Sometimes you don't start from the very beginning of the typing page in MS Word. Suppose you have to start typing from the middle of the page, then you have to repeatedly press the Enter and Space buttons to move the cursor there. But instead, you can do this work with just a dabber click. You just have to say double-click on the place from where you want to start typing, MS Word will automatically send the cursor to that place and you will be able to type.

Focus mode
MS Word also has a focus mode, which you can use while reading text. This mode turns off all distractions, such as the white space of the background and the ribbon menu (with a fine name written on it). After activating the focus mode, you only get to see a clean workplace on the screen. To turn on focus mode, you have to go to the view tab and select focus mode.

Convert pdf to word document
We know how useful it is to convert a Word document to a PDF. But we don't know that PDF can also be converted to Word documents. After which you will also be able to make changes to the PDF file. For this, you have to click on the File option in MS Word, then go to Open and select the PDF document. After this MS Word will automatically convert it into a Word document. With this feature, you can also convert an image into a Word document.


Listing in alphabetical order
If you have a list in a Word document and you want to arrange it in alphabetical order, then this feature is also available in MS Word. For this, you have to select the text that you want to organize, then go to the Home tab and click on the sort icon. After this, a dialogue box will open, in which you will be able to organize your text by setting parameters. You can also select Alphabetically and Reverse Alphabetical order.