Men's Health: These diseases are more dangerous for men than women! never take it lightly


Male Health Issues: The body of men and women is different in many respects, so problems related to their health can also be different. As far as diseases are concerned, both these genders have to be cautious in their way or else their health may suffer. However, some diseases are such that men are more affected than women. Let us take a look at them today.


Depression: It is generally believed that women are emotionally weak, but the problem of depression is found more in men than in them. The reason for this is that women express their problems more, while men hide their feelings, due to which they are choking inside. It is better that whenever you are upset, then definitely share the matter with your close ones, it can remove tension and stress.


Heart disease: The risk of most heart-related diseases is higher in men than women, because men are more troubled by high cholesterol levels, so it is important to keep your health check-up done from time to time.


Diabetes: Men eat mostly outside oily things as compared to women, due to which their cholesterol level increases which later becomes the cause of diabetes. That is why you must eat only healthy foods and keep checking your blood sugar level regularly.



Liver Disease: If you look at it, you will find that men are more prone to drinking alcohol than women, due to which their liver is affected more, and the risk of diseases related to this organ increases.


Lungs Disease: Often you must have seen that men smoke more than women and they are