Men Summer Skincare: Three Simple Face Packs that Men Must Use in Summer


Men's Summer Skincare: skincare routine is not only beneficial for women but can be equally beneficial for men as well. In summer, sweat, dust, and masks can harm your skin, so these 3 face packs can be of use to you.

Men Summer Skincare: Taking care of the skin is important for everyone, be it women or men. Everyone should take some time out of their busy schedule to take care of their skin. When we talk about skincare, the focus is more on women. However, times are changing rapidly, and men have also started taking full care of their skin.

However, taking care of the skin of the face becomes difficult for those men who have a beard. If you also face this kind of problem, then we are telling you about the three best face packs for the summer season.

Multani mitti

Take Multani mitti in a bowl and add rose water to it. This simple face pack will refresh your face and give it a glow. Apply this paste on the cheeks, forehead, and neck. If you want, you can also apply it to the beard. Wash it off with water when it dries

Coffee pack

Do not use granulated coffee for this face pack, as it can get stuck in your beard. Take the well-ground coffee powder and add cocoa powder to it. Add some milk and whisk it and your anti-oxidant-rich face pack is ready.

Lemon and honey pack

Mix one teaspoon lemon juice and one teaspoon honey in a bowl. Mix this mixture well and then apply to the skin. Leave it on the face and then wash off with water.

  • Apart from this, for men who have a beard, these tips can be useful:
  • Wash your face daily with a good cleanser. Also do not forget to wash your beard.
  • After this use a good toner according to the skin.
  • Do not forget to use beard oil daily.

Disclaimer: The advice and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purposes only and should not be taken as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor if you have any questions or concerns.