Masai Mara: - Know why Masai Mara is special for Ranbir-Alia and where is this place


The way Bollywood celebrities are active about their work, in the same way, they are also fond of travelling from time to time. Some go to visit Thailand and some go to visit countries like Maldives, London and Dubai etc. Not only in the ASEAN country or European countries but also the African country, Bollywood celebrities keep arriving to visit.

Recently, Ranbir Kapoor mentioned in a show that 'Masai Mara walking was very good for me. Let us tell you that he went for a walk with Alia. During the show, he said that 'the trip to Masai Mara was very fun and it seemed that you are roaming like an alien because there is no internet facility and no TV watching facility'. In such a situation, if you want to know what is Masai Mara and in which country, then you must also read this article. Let's know.

Where is Masai Mara?

Image credit: Maasai_Mara

Let us tell you that Masai Mara is a wildlife forest. This sanctuary is present in the Serengeti plains of the Reserve Rift Valley of Kenya and Tanzania. The Masai Mara is said to have been established around the year 1961 to protect wildlife. Let us tell you that the Maasai Mara National Reserve is one of the most visited and famous wildlife conservation areas in Africa. Not only from India but tourists from other countries also keep reaching here to roam.  

What is special in Masai Mara?

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The forest is present in about 580 square mills, not one but due to many reasons, it is famous in different countries of the world. In this forest, you will see those rare animals which you probably have not seen to date. Here zebras, leopards, elephants, Cape buffaloes, and black and white rhinos roam around like normal people. You will see hippopotamuses and crocodiles swimming in the water every kilometre.

Hunt in herds

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Let us tell you that 10-15 lions come out together in this forest to roam or hunt in herds. Apart from this, 10-15 wild dogs come out for hunting simultaneously in Masai Mara. Apart from this, more than a dozen deer, more than a dozen giraffes and more than a dozen other animals come out together. Not only extinct animals but birds will also be seen here.

Why is it special for tourists?  

This forest present in Kenya is very special for tourists. Yes, any tourist who reaches here to roam definitely goes out for a jungle safari. The journey is said to take at least 6 hours by car, as the roads are quite bad. Apart from this, it is also said that there are many places to stay inside and outside the Masai Mara Reserve. Here you can also get acquainted with the local tradition.

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