Mango Side Effects: Eating Excessive Mangoes may lead to health risk, Know here


The summer season continues in which the most liked mango is called the king of fruits. Be it children or elders, all are crazy about its taste and in many homes, mango is consumed every day. Mango contains antioxidants like polyphenols, triterpene and lupeol which are considered essential for the body. But consume it with caution because consuming it in excess can cause many harm to the body giving silent side effects. Consuming too many mangoes for the sake of taste can be heavy on health. Today in this episode we are going to tell you how consuming mango can harm your health.


Eating mango can increase the risk of allergies in the body. Latex can cause common harm to allergy sufferers. Especially when one is sensitive to synthetic materials. Actually, the protein found in mango is similar to latex, which can make it difficult for people already suffering from allergies.

Pimple and acne problem
Mango is a hot fruit and if you consume mango in balanced quantity then there is no harm in it like if you eat one mango daily then it is fine, but if you eat more mango then it can increase the heat in the body. Due to the heat, pimples, boils and acne can come out on the face.

High blood sugar
Tasty and sweet mangoes have a very high natural sugar content, due to which it can rapidly increase the blood sugar level. Health experts say that in the case of diabetes or other lifestyle disorders, natural sugar behaves like regular sugar in the body. Therefore, such people should also pay attention to the quantity of mango i.e. its portion size.


Mango is one such fruit, which contains a good amount of fiber. If you consume too much of the taste of mango, then it may cause you to feel diarrhoea. Too much fiber can cause diarrhea. There are also some varieties of mango in which the amount of fiber is found less than its kernels and peels, which people usually do not eat. This type of mango does not support our digestion process. That's why doctors always recommend eating mangoes rich in fiber, which are considered better for the digestion process.