Mango Kheer: Enjoy the succulent taste of Mango Kheer on the day of fasting...


The month of Sawan continues and the first Monday falls on 18th July, on which most of the people fast. During the fast, people include such things in the fruit diet which are tasty as well as providing energy. In such a situation, today we have come up with the recipe of making Mango Kheer made from mango, the king of fruits, whose taste will remain in your mind forever. This delicious dish can be made with a little effort. Let's know about its recipe...


Necessary Ingredients
-Ripe mango - 4-5
-Milk - 2 liters
-Fresh cream - 3 tsp
-Khoya - 250 grams
-Custard Powder - 2 tsp
-Kewra Essence - 3-4 drops
-Sugar - 250 grams
-Cashew nuts - 2 tsp
-Almonds - 2 tsp


Method Of Making: 
-First of all, take out the pulp of mango and make a paste out of it.
-Then you boil the milk and let it boil well for 10-15 minutes.
-After boiling milk, put khoya in it.
-After this add custard powder and boil the milk again.
-Now add cashews, almonds and keep the milk to thicken well.
-Then mix the sugar well in it. After the sugar is mixed, add mango and kewra gel to it.
-Mix the mango and kewra gel well and then switch off the gas.
- Your kheer is ready. Keep it in the fridge to cool down.
-As soon as the kheer cools down, serve it cold.