Male Fertility: Married men should think twice about the treatment of low Testosterone! and know its disadvantages


Men's Health: With aging, there are many changes in the body of men, such as the decrease of testosterone hormone in the body, but its treatment can prove to be even more dangerous. 



Testosterone Replacement Therapy Side Effects: After marriage, every man wants his relationship to be better with his wife, but if the man has a physical weakness then married life is filled with sorrow. The weakness of male fertility is a big problem due to which it becomes difficult to become a father. Sometimes low testosterone is the main reason behind this, which is necessary to treat.

Testosterone deficiency causes problems

Testosterone is such a male hormone that if its level starts decreasing in the body, then there are problems in physical development in many ways. For this, you must get treatment at the right time, but before that, it is also important to know the danger of treatment, or else you may have to suffer loss.

Why do testosterone levels drop? 


The biggest reason behind the low level of Low Testosterone is our daily lifestyle, due to its disturbance, there are a lot of bad effects on health. Usually, such problems come after crossing the age of 40. Since men are the burden of family responsibilities, it is bound to increase tension and stress. Due to this, the testosterone hormone starts decreasing.

When testosterone hormone is deficient in the body, then fertility is reduced, this affects blood circulation, concentration, mood, and memory. Also, men become more irritable and angry.

Testosterone replacement is dangerous

According to doctors, this step is not easy for those who try to treat it after the level of testosterone is low. If testosterone replacement is done, the risk of heart attack increases significantly. 


According to the American Urological Association, it is common to have problems with low testosterone with age, but you should avoid testosterone replacement therapy and start eating a healthy diet for this. Because adopting natural and Ayurvedic methods is the better option.

(Disclaimer: The information given here is based on home remedies and general information. Before adopting it, take medical advice. We do not confirm this.)