Makeup Tips: - Kajal will not spread even for 8 hours, just follow these hacks


The use of kajal gives a fresh and natural look to our faces and enhances the brightness of the eyes. Most women apply kajal daily and it is considered an important part of SolahShringaar. Everyone uses kajal every day, but one thing that always worries is the spread of kajal. For those who get more water from their eyes, their kajal gets smudged, as well as normally there is a fear of spreading kajal after 1-2 hours. 

If the kajal looks spread, then it works in reverse and in such a situation dark circles start appearing under the eyes and if the kajal is spread more then it can make the complexion appear dark too. But do you know that if we take care of some hacks while using kajal, then it does not smudge easily? 

Today we talk about the hacks to prevent smudges of kajal, which are very easy and can prove to be very beneficial for you. 

Do this work before applying kajal

First of all, let's talk about those hacks that can be used even before applying mascara. This will prevent the mascara from spreading.

  • Cleanse the face first and then apply kajal. Before applying kajal, make sure that the face is dried properly. 
  • If you have applied face cream immediately, then wait at least 5-10 minutes before applying kajal so that it does not get spoiled due to greasiness. 
  • Instead of applying kajal on the inner side of the eye, apply it on the crease line (where the eyelashes are), so it will not spread for long. 
  • If there are more tears in your eyes, then start applying kajal from the outer line to the inner line. If you apply from the inside out (from the tear point to the outer crease line of the eye), the kajal pencil will already be wet and in this case, you may have to apply two-three strokes. 
  • Always apply kajal in soft strokes, the more force the kajal is applied, the more scope will be for it to spread.  


Follow these hacks after applying kajal 

We have told you what to do before applying kajal, but you should also know what to do after applying kajal.  

Use eyeshadow 

To ensure that your kajal does not spread, you should first apply kajal and then apply a little eyeshadow matching the skin complexion on the inner crease line. This can prove to be very useful for you.  

Face powder will help 

If the mascara spreads again and again, then after applying it, you apply face powder under the eyes. It can be reapplied in three to four hours. This will prevent the kajal from spreading under your eyes and create a perfect line for up to 8 hours.  

Never touch your eyes 

One of the biggest reasons for spreading mascara is that you rub or touch your eyes again and again. Avoid this, as well as if your eyes get more watery and you work in an office where you have to look at the computer throughout the day, then keep taking breaks in between.  

Always carry cotton buds with you if you have oily eyelids 

You should always keep cotton earbuds with you and if your eyes are getting more watery or the kajal is spreading again and again, then instead of cleaning it with something else, you should use earbuds.  

You must try these hacks and you will find that the problem of mascara getting smudged has been reduced to a great extent.

Image Credit: Freepik/ Rediff/ unsplash


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