Makeup Tips:-If you do makeup like this, you will look very classy in a black dress


Almost all women like to do makeup. For this, she also watches videos on the Internet and then tries those makeup looks.

At the same time, the Festive season is almost about to come. Meanwhile, women like to do makeup according to their outfits and almost all women like black colour in all of them. Whether they like any other colour or not, black colour is very much liked by women.

So today we will tell you some such tips by following which you can also do your black outfit.

How to do Eye Makeup (Eye Makeup with Black Dress)

If you like to do bold makeup then you can try Smokey Eye Makeup. For this, you use black colour. Keep in mind that if you do not have much knowledge of makeup, then you can avoid it and instead you can use brown colour so that the chances of making a mistake are less.

Also, use black coloured kajal pencils for smokey eye makeup. If you are a pro in makeup then you can also use gel liner. You can use nude colours for your lips.


Tips for Bold Look (Bold Makeup with Black Dress)

If you like to keep your eyes and lips bold, then you can use ruby ​​red colour for lips with dark colour eye makeup. For this, you can use brown colour in eye makeup. Also, you can use shimmer eyeshadow to highlight eye makeup. Use your fingers to apply the shimmer eyeshadow.

Nude makeup with black dress will be best


If you like to do light makeup then you can try a nude makeup look. Apart from this, if you want, you can also follow the no makeup look. For this, use badge colour for both eyes and lips. If you want, you can also use brown colour for nude makeup. Keep in mind that you should choose the colour according to your skin tone; otherwise it can spoil your entire look.


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