Makeup Hacks: If the nail polish remover is over, then get rid of the nail paint like this...


Many times it happens when we pick up the nail polish remover to remove the nail paint. And let's see that it is over. The whole mood spoils. And on top of the old nail polish, we put a new coat. Or they are left without applying nail paint. If this happens to you too often. Then these hacks will work for you. Once the nail polish is gone, there is no need to worry. It can be redeemed just by putting these things. So let's know which things will be useful to get rid of nail polish.


Now there will be white toothpaste in the house. Just take it and mix a little baking soda and clean the nails with the help of a brush. Nailpaint will come off very easily. If there is no baking soda, then only the help of toothpaste will also clean the nail polish.

Hot Water
If you have time, you can also remove nail polish with hot water. But for this, you will have to dip your nails in hot water for about 20-25 minutes. Then the nail paint will have to be removed by keeping the hand in the water itself. Try to remove the layer of nail polish in hot water.

Lemon can also be used to remove nail polish. Simply rub the lemon with the peel on the nails. This will remove the nail polish. Mixing lemon juice in hot water also removes the nail paint.


Hydrogen peroxide
Mix hydrogen peroxide in warm water and soak your nails in it for some time. Then remove the nail polish with the help of a nail filer.
With the help of vinegar also the nail paint gets removed. Simply mix vinegar with lemon juice and dip your hands in it. Make more by mixing it with hot water. Then dip your hands and get rid of the nail polish. Never use acetone or thinner to remove nail polish. This has a bad effect on the skin.