Make homemade kajal for children like this at home, there will be no side effect


Most people use kajal to make their eyes look beautiful. Children have also applied kajal, but due to the presence of chemicals in the kajal available from the market, it can have a bad effect on the eyes of the child. But you can easily make kajal from almonds at home. For which we are going to tell you its method.


Ingredients for Mascara:

Almonds - 2, ghee, lamp, fork, wick, and spoon,

while if you want to make kajal in more quantity, then you can take more almonds.

The method of making kajal is as follows:

1. First put a wick in the lamp and burn it.

2. After that put almonds in the fork and place them on the burning lamp.

3. Cover the almonds with the help of a spoon.

4. Light the almonds well with the flame of a lamp.

5. With the burning of almonds, mascara will start forming on the spoon.

6. Similarly make kajal from other almonds as well.

7. Then clean the mascara on the spoon and fill it in the container.


8. Add a little ghee to it and mix it.

9. Your kajal will be ready.

10. You can apply it daily to the child and also to yourself.

Benefits of this mascara

1. Applying kajal prepared from almonds helps in increasing the growth of eyelashes.

2. Almonds are rich in vitamin A, E, anti-bacterial properties, and enhances eyesight.

3. People who have problems with burning, and itching in the eyes, they should definitely use it. Due to this, the problems related to the eyes have been removed and there is a feeling of coolness.