Make a new and beautiful outfit out of old and torn sarees! Click here to know how


It often happens that beautiful and expensive saris are kept spoiled and you cannot wear them and neither we throw nor give these saris to anyone, in such a situation, you may have some old torn saris collected. For the ones you don't wear then you can use the border of these old sarees, you can take out the border of these sarees and try on other outfits also you can give the best look to your outfit with a saree border 



If you have a silk and siphon saree with heavy work on it, then you can remove the border of this saree and apply it to the dupatta 

If you want, you can also use a contrast-colored border of the color of the dupatta. You can wear this dupatta on any suit.


If you have a long skirt or a very lightweight lehenga, 

You can put a border of your bananas or studded sari on its lower part, this will make the lehenga look heavy and it will also look very much. will look royal 

If you want to get embroidered on your plain blouse 

You can cut the border of the old saree on the sleeves or back of the blouse, you can also use it on the neckline of your blouse.