Make Mango Pudding with a Twist of Custard With this recipe, it will be ready in 10 minutes


Mangoes have started selling in the market during the summer season. Be it children or elders, most of the people like this seasonal fruit of summer. The fun of eating sweet and sweet mangoes during summer is different. At the same time, many types of recipes are also made from mango. To get relief from the heat, people often make and drink mango thandai, mango shake etc. This is a common mango drink, which is available to almost everyone in summer. But you can easily make mango pudding too. However, if you want to try something new, then you can make Mango Pudding with a twist of custard. Mango Custard Pudding is very tasty to eat. At the same time, it also takes very less time to make it. With less ingredients, you can prepare this delicious mango recipe in minutes and serve it quickly when children or any guest come. Let's know the easy recipe of Mango Custard Pudding.


Ingredients for Mango Custard Pudding
2 cups milk + cup milk, two teaspoons custard powder, sugar, one big mango


Recipe for making Mango Custard Pudding
Step 1- Put two cups of milk on the gas to boil.
Step 2- Till then mix custard powder in half a cup of cold milk and mix it with boiled milk.
Step 3- Cook the milk on low flame for two minutes. Then add sugar to it and switch off the gas.
Step 4- Till the milk cools down, wash and peel the mangoes. Put it in the mixer and make mango puree.
Step 5- Now pour mango puree and custard milk little by little in a serving glass.
Step 6- Keep the glass in the fridge to cool down.
Serve cold garnished with nuts or mango pieces on top.