Make Delicious Gujiyas at Teej Festival! Click here to know the recipe


Ghevar, Gujiya on the festival of Teej, both these sweets are enough to dissolve the juice in the atmosphere. Guests also eagerly wait for these two sweet dishes. 

Today we are talking about Gujiya. You can make Gujiya very easily by staying at home. Now the question is how to make Gujiya, so today's article is on this topic. Today we will tell you through this article how you can prepare Gujiya at home. The simple methods given here can be of great use to you. 

How to make Gujiya

First of all, use ghee and water to knead the dough and leave the dough like this for about half an hour after kneading. 

Now to fill inside the gujiya, fry the khoya i.e. mawa on a low flame and when it cools down add almonds, cardamom powder, and sugar. 

Now make dough balls and roll them like puris. 

Now place the mixture in the center of the poori and close the dough by giving a lovely shape from all sides. 

Now heat ghee in a pan and stir the gujiyas on low flame. 

Stir the gujiyas till they turn light brown in color. 

Now put the gujiya in the syrup and after that take it out and keep it on a plate to dry. Gunjiya is ready in front of you. You can serve delicious Gujiyas to your guests.