Lungs Health: Lungs get damaged in low temperature, follow these 5 guidelines to stay safe..


Severe cold wave: The drastic drop in temperature this winter season has become a serious cause for concern as it can lead to other complications like body aches, joint pain, headache, nausea and much more. People with pre-existing diseases like heart disease, spine problems, diabetes and lung disorders should be more careful. If they don't pay attention to themselves, they are at a higher risk of deteriorating health and experiencing painful symptoms. We can take care of our health by following these 5 simple yet effective guidelines for the coming weeks.


Get vaccinated
The first step is to complete all pending vaccinations for children and adults. This will boost immunity to fight serious diseases like Kovid and other vaccinations like annual flu vaccination will save people from falling seriously ill.

Take prevention steps inside and outside the home
Protect yourself by wearing warm clothes and be sure to cover your hands, neck and feet. People should wear masks in public places to ensure their own and others' safety.

Make health a priority
It is very important to maintain good health by eating hot and nutritious food. People stop exercising in extremely cold weather, which affects their health. That's why it is important to do some easy warm-up exercises at home. But always take care to stay warm and avoid rapid changes in body temperature.

Keep others safe
Many people go out for social gatherings and events even when they have the flu. This can be very dangerous to other people and wearing a mask alone does not provide complete protection. Sick people should stay at home to recover effectively and ensure the safety of everyone around them.


Be alert to hazards
Using the heater for a long time in closed places increases the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Hence some ventilation is needed even in winter. People should always keep some extra food and warm clothes to save themselves from dizziness and nausea.