Los Angels Largest Pizza: 400 chef's hard work... 68 thousand slices... never seen such a big 'pizza' of 'Pizza Hut'..


Los Angel's Largest Pizza: Pizza is one of the most delicious and popular dishes in the world. Along with the youth, a large population of the elderly is also a fan of its test. Pizza is such a dish that even after eating on a full stomach, one feels like eating more. But due to limited slices, many times we are forced to kill ourselves. However, have you ever thought of eating a delicious pizza with 68 slices? Of course not thought of. But today we are going to tell you about the pizza spread over 14,000 square feet, which has been prepared by not one, not two, not three, but a total of 400 chefs.


This pizza was made at the Convention Center in Los Angeles, the purpose of which was to break the record of the world's largest pizza. To make this pizza, the company used rectangular slices of dough, to which sauce, cheese and pepperoni were added. After topping the pizza, a cooking device was used to cook it, after which it was ready to eat. This pizza was spread over 14,000 square feet, with 68,000 slices. To prepare it, more than 13,000 pounds of flour was used and about 5000 pounds of sauce were used.

Food banks will be donated
Pizza Hut President David Graves said, 'We are doing this to celebrate the return of the Big New Yorker, which is our biggest pizza. This is the reason why we wanted to make the world's largest pizza to celebrate it. Now you must be thinking that such a big pizza was made to break the record, but what will happen to it now? Who would eat that much pizza? We have the answer to this too. This pizza will not go to waste, nor will it be wasted. The 14,000-square-foot pizza will be donated to some local food banks in the Los Angeles community.


1853 meter-long pizza was made in 2016
Earlier, in the year 2016, 1853 meter-long pizza was made in Naples. It was prepared by more than 400 chefs together. This pizza from Naples broke the record for the longest pizza in the world. To make this, the chefs used 2000 kg flour, 1600 kg tomatoes, 2000 kg mozzarella and 200 litres of water.