Long Covid: Study claims- women are more prone to post covid syndrome, be careful about such symptoms


Corona infection has remained a big challenge for the whole world for more than two years. The way the infectivity rate of the new variants coming out is being seen, it is definitely a matter of concern. Along with the infection, the cases of long covid are also increasing problems for both the patients and the health sector. Some studies are even claiming that the cases of post covid syndrome can persist for six months to a year. In some situations, there is a risk of their taking a serious form, so even after recovering from the infection, everyone should keep monitoring their symptoms. The increasing number of infected and long covid patients in the three waves of corona infection so far in the country is a big challenge for the health sector. In the form of long covid, problems ranging from brain fog to heart and lung problems and hair loss to loss of taste and smell for months have been seen. Research suggests that people of almost all ages can be at risk of long covid. At the same time, in a recent study, researchers have claimed that women are more prone to Long Kovid Syndrome than men, as well as they are also more likely to take severe symptoms. Let us understand this research in further detail.


Women at higher risk of long covid
According to peer-reviewed research in the Journal of Women's Health, women may be more prone to symptoms of long covid than men. Women who have recovered from the infection are more prone to problems like fatigue, chest pain, difficulty in swallowing food. Earlier research on the effects of Covid-19 suggested that although women are less prone to corona infection or developing serious disease, if they do get infected then the risk of post-Covid problems may increase. 


Long covid risk
Similarly, in another study published in the Lancet Respiratory Medicine journal, researchers found that women may have a higher risk of post-Covid problems after recovering from the infection. Not only this, if effective treatment is not received on time, then the symptoms of long covid in women can also be severe, which can promote the risk of long-term health problems. According to UK researchers, more than two-thirds of people who have been hospitalized due to Kovid-19 are still suffering from symptoms of prolonged Covid. It has the highest number of women and overweight people.