Lonavala 3 Days Trip: - Plan a 3-day trip to these places of Lonavala in the rainy season


As soon as the rainy season comes, everyone makes a plan to go out. Especially hill stations, but in the rain, it is not only fun to roam in some places but also gives peace to the mind like- Mumbai, Maharashtra, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh etc. But in the list of tourist places of every tourist, Lonavala of Maharashtra remains at the top because it is a place where the weather is very good. 

By the way, you can visit here anytime throughout the year, but during monsoon, it gets a different look. It offers a wonderful view of the natural environment and a very memorable experience. But if you are planning a 3-day trip, then you can explore these places.

Day 1

Lonavala is famous for its beauty, greenery, river, and fort. People come here from far and wide to roam in the rainy season. But it would be better if you go to explore Rajmachi Fort on the first day. You will not only find here but you can also do hikers and trekkers here. Here you will have so much fun that you will pass the whole day comfortably. Apart from this, you can also enjoy a variety of cuisines here. 

Day 2

On the second day of this season, you can explore the Bushi Dam, the most popular place in Lonavala. The weather here is not only good in the rain, but you can also enjoy taking a bath here. Although it is a very crowded place, you will surely have a lot of fun here. You can enjoy bathing in rainwater by sitting on the stairs here with your partner. 

Day 3

On the third day in Lonavala, you can go to the park or market here for shopping. Because there are many parks in Lonavala, where you can take a bath as well as get acquainted with the cool winds, calm atmosphere etc. At the same time, you can see beautiful natural springs while trekking along the mountainous paths; you will surely like the valleys here. 


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