Lohri 2023:- Before celebrating Lohri, know 5 interesting things about this festival


There is a reason behind every festival celebrated in India. The Lohri festival is coming soon. In such a situation, you must be busy preparing for this festival. However, before celebrating the festival of Lohri, you must know about this festival very well. In this article, we are going to tell you 5 important things about this festival. 

Lohri is the harvest festival 

Nowadays, in all the cities of India, no attention is paid to tasks like harvesting. However, for people living in rural areas of North India and working in the agriculture sector, this festival is associated with grains. The traditional winter crop is harvested around this festival, hence this festival is also called the harvest festival. 

Lohri night is different 

The day of Lohri is the shortest day and the longest night. It is believed that every day after this festival becomes bigger. This is the reason why we celebrate this festival after the sun sets. 

Mythology related to Lohri

A mythological story behind celebrating Lohri is also related to Mata Sati. King Daksha, the father of Mata Sati, had performed the Mahayagya when Lord Shiva and Mata Sati were not invited. It is said that this festival is also celebrated because of the surrender of Sati, the daughter of Daksha Prajapati, in the fire. 

How is Lohri of the newlywed couple

The Lohri of a newlywed couple is different from the commonly celebrated Lohri. On the first Lohri that comes after marriage, the couple goes around the fire and the festival is celebrated by calling all the relatives. 

Photo Credit: Herzindagi, Twitter


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