Lizards that fall on the body give an indication of this event related to the future, know by clicking1


It is believed that nature has created many means to make us aware of possible future events. Animals, birds, and animals are also one of those mediums. Animals, birds, and animals also give us indications of future events through many things. At present, such things are not completely believed, but in Shagun Shastra, there is a clear description of the signals received from animals, birds, etc. The lizard found in everyone's house is also considered a sign of many future events. We are going to tell you about these.

Lizard foretells the future

1. If a lizard falls on a person's head or right hand, then honor and respect are obtained.

2. If the lizard falls on the left hand then there can be a loss of money. If the lizard falls on the right side of a person and lands on the left, there is a possibility of promotion and money gain.

3. Upon entering a new home, if the landlord finds a dead lizard, the occupants may become ill. To avoid this bad omen, one should enter a new house only after worshiping according to the rules.

4. If lizards are seen making noise, then you may have met an old friend. If the lizard is seen separating after intercourse, then you will have to bear the pain of separation from your loved ones. If lizards are seen fighting, there is a possibility of a fight with an acquaintance.