Lips Care Tips: Why lips crack in summer, know its reason, and home remedies


Usually, the problem of chapped lips comes to the fore in winter, but now due to the increasing temperature, dehydration occurs in the body, which this problem has started bothering even in summer. If you also have such a problem, then know here its home remedies.

Often people in winter chapped lips, Lips Crack Problem), but many people’s lips get cracked even in summer. The reason for this can be frequent exposure to the sun in summer, dehydration, drinking less water, alcohol consumption, consumption of sour things in excess, the habit of repeatedly licking the lips, etc. Due to these habits, the moisture in the lips decreases and there may be a problem of chapped lips. Sometimes the lips can also crack due to allergies or any infection. Irritation is felt when the lips are cracked. Sometimes this problem becomes very painful. Due to this blood starts coming from the lips and a lot of pain is felt. If you have any such problem with you then know here the ways which can give you a lot of relief during this trouble.

These measures can give relief

If you want to remove the problem of chapped lips, then drink plenty of water. Not drinking water causes dehydration in the body, due to which the lips start drying and cracking. By drinking water continuously, the moisture in the lips remains intact.

If you want, you can also try your grandmother’s recipe for this. In such a situation, before sleeping every night, apply mustard oil to your navel before sleeping. With this removing the problem of chapped lips, the lips will also be pink.

Applying a pinch of turmeric mixed in cream every day at night while sleeping also gives a lot of relief. This not only removes the problem of chapped lips but also cures the infection of the lips.

Vaseline petroleum jelly also acts as a medicine for the lips. You mix olive oil with Vaseline and apply it to the lips before sleeping at night. With this, your lips are also fine and the blackness of the lips also goes away.

Rose leaves can also remove the problem of chapped lips. You grind rose leaves and mix lemon and honey in them. After this, apply it to the lips while sleeping. It is also very relaxing.

A combination of glycerin rose water, and lemon is a very old recipe. People usually use it on the skin in winter. But you can also use it on the lips. It makes your lips soft and hydrated.