Lemon water side effects: Eating too much lemon can cause ulcers along with spoiling the teeth.


Lemon water side effects: In summer, lemon water is consumed not only to get a feeling of coolness, but many people consider it to be the perfect formula to reduce obesity, but do you know that excessive consumption of lemon can also be harmful.

Lemon Water Side Effects: Do you drink lemon water to increase immunity? Apart from this, you squeeze it a lot on gravy or salad. If you do this, then be careful, because too much of anything is bad, something similar happens with lemon. By consuming too much of it, all these problems can bother you.

Bad effect on teeth

Drinking lemon water daily damages the enamel of the teeth. Tooth decay may also occur. This problem is faced due to the acid present in lemon juice. According to one study, lemons are highly acidic, so repeated exposure can damage the enamel of your teeth. Avoid brushing your teeth immediately after consuming lemonade or any such thing and do not forget to drink plain water immediately. Drink lemonade only with a straw, by doing this it does not go directly on the teeth.

Migraine pain may increase

According to health experts, excessive consumption of citrus fruits like lemon can also trigger the problem of migraine. According to studies, if a person already has a problem with migraine, then he should be careful while consuming lemon. This hasn't been proven yet, but over the years studies have discovered a link between migraines and citrus fruits. Lemon is high in tyramine. A natural monoamine is linked to headaches. It is found more in lemon than in other fruits.

Heartburn and Ulcers

According to research, excessive consumption of lemonade can increase the problem of heartburn because it activates the protein-breaking enzyme pepsin. Excessive consumption of lemonade can make the condition of peptic ulcers more dangerous. Ulcers are caused by excessively acidic juices. Taking lemon juice can make the condition worse. If you are troubled by these diseases, then take expert opinion before consuming lemonade.