Lemon and Olive Oil for Weight Loss:-These 2 things reduce weight fast, and you will look thin in a few days

Weight loss Tips: Follow these easy tips to reduce weight, your weight will decrease very soon

Do you want to lose weight fast?

But you don't want to exercise too much?

And you don't like going to the gym at all?

So there is no need to worry because you can reduce weight by making a little change in your diet and adding 2 things present in your kitchen in your diet. But you also have to include some exercise in your routine. 

It is said that you become what you eat. This is true. The effect of food and drink is visible not only on our health but also on the skin. Therefore, healthy things should be included in the diet. This article explains all the reasons why you should include lemon and olive oil in your diet!

Olive oil and lemon juice are two such things that you can easily include in your breakfast as well as in the meal. They are delicious and healthy too, especially when you can get good quality olive oil and fresh lemon juice.

Both the ingredients have their distinct health benefits and should be a part of your diet, says our health expert and dietician MrsAnupamaGirotra.

Benefits of lemon

We all know that lemon juice contains a good amount of Vitamin C. But did you know that lemon juice contains a lot of antioxidants that we love? Apart from this, flavonoids are another benefit that is present in lemon. Flavonoids are beneficial because they are antioxidants that can also fight inflammation.

Benefits of Olive oil

Virgin oil contains 73 percent oleic acid. Most people are unaware of this acid. It is said to be heart-friendly. It is a monounsaturated fatty acid that contains two important vitamins – E and K. Vitamin-E is a type of antioxidant that supports the immune system. It also helps us absorb vitamin K, so the two go hand in hand.

Olive oil also contains polyphenols. These are other antioxidants that help neutralize free radicals, which can harm our bodies.

Lose Weight with Olive Oil and Lemon

Vitamin-C present in lemon helps the body to make carnitine. This is important because carnitine carries fat into our body's cells, and that fat eventually turns into energy as it is broken down. In theory, if you're not getting enough vitamin C, fat cells may not break down as they should.

People who consume enough vitamin C burn about a quarter of the fat compared to people who consume less vitamin C. So, the vitamin C found in lemon juice can provide fat-burning benefits.

Olive oil is high in monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs). A 2013 research review suggested that unsaturated fats, such as MUFAs, are more beneficial for maintaining a healthy weight than their saturated fat counterparts.

A study with animals showed that a diet rich in monounsaturated fat helps prevent weight gain and fat accumulation.

Can Lemon Juice and Olive Oil Help Detox the Body?

To help you detox, it is a good idea to drink a glass of lukewarm water mixed with lemon juice in the morning. The antioxidants present in both lemon juice and olive oil help in cleansing the body.

Other benefits of lemon juice and olive oil 

In addition to losing weight and eliminating free radicals, many people believe that combining lemon juice with olive oil has countless other health benefits. As such, some say that lemon juice and olive oil can help with kidney stones and gallstones, improve digestion, reduce joint pain, or prevent premature ageing!

However, no studies show that their effects increase when they are combined.

Side Effects of Lemon Juice and Olive Oil

With myriad benefits, the question is whether there are risks associated with consuming it. In some cases, a person may be allergic to one or the other and may not want to consume them in that case. The acid present in lemon juice can damage your teeth if you consume it in excess. And olive oil is high in calories, which is worth noting if you're watching what you eat.

No research shows that lemon juice and olive oil are harmful when combined. In addition, they are a popular flavour pairing and are often used together in dishes, especially Mediterranean cuisine.


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