Lemon Side Effects: Excessive consumption of lemon is not good for health, there can be serious problems, know here...


Unhealthy Food: We can call lemon an important part of our diet. Sometimes lemon water and sometimes we use lemon juice to enhance the taste of food. But, it is said that too much of anything is bad and lemon is no exception to it. If you have a habit of squeezing lemon in every dish or you consume lemonade several times a day, then you should also be aware of the damage caused by it. Let us know how excessive consumption of lemon is harmful to health and how to be careful with it.

Health benefits of lemon Lemon Side Effects On Health

Lemon is a sour fruit that can trigger headaches. Due to this, there is a possibility of not only mild but also severe pain like migraine. If you are one of those people who have a problem with a headache due to some or the other reason, then it would be better for you to limit the consumption of lemon juice.

Damage to the lining of the teeth
You must have felt that when you eat something very sour, there is a strange tingling feeling on the teeth. Sometimes the pain is also felt in the teeth. This may be because too many sour things like lemon damage the enamel on the top layer of teeth. This is due to the acidic properties of lemon. Due to this, the teeth gradually start weakening and may even break. If you eat lemon, then drink a lot of water after that. If the tingling in the teeth is excessive, then you can also brush.

Stomach problems
Excessive consumption of lemon can also result in stomach problems and also proves to increase stomach problems. This can cause stomach irritation, acidity, and nausea. To avoid stomach upset, especially lemon should be consumed in limited quantities.


Germs entering the body
Many people do not wash the lemon properly before using it because they think that only its juice is to be used, so what is the meaning of the peel? But, even after squeezing the lemon juice, the skin always comes in contact. Apart from this, restaurants also serve lemon along with lemon peel in drinks and dishes. Many studies also say that lemon peels contain microorganisms that cause many diseases. Because of this, the especially lemon peel should be used only after cleaning.