Leftover Rice Recipe: Make delicious puris from leftover rice, know the recipe here...


This time you try making puris of leftover rice. Its taste is also amazing. And it can be prepared in minutes. So next time rice is left in the house, then you can prepare puris by mixing them with wheat flour.

-Rice cooked - 1 cup

-Red chili - 1 tsp

-salt - as per taste

-Flour - 2 cups

-Oil - for frying

How to make rice puris
If rice is left then take them out in a bowl. Then add salt and red chili to it. If you want, you can also add spices and some vegetables of your choice. Now take wheat flour for the preparation of puris. If the dough is kept kneaded then you can use it only. Or knead fresh flour. Keep this dough as soft as roti. Just now make small balls of this dough on a plane surface and keep it.


Now roll this dough with the help of a little rolling pin. Then fill the rice mixture in it. Then close the dough by pressing it with your hands. As if the shortbread dough is closed. When all the balls are filled with rice, put the pan on the gas. Heat oil in this kadhai. When the oil becomes hot, roll the puris with light hands and give them a round shape. And put it in oil and fry till golden. Roll out all the balls in the same way. You can easily eat these puris from dinner to evening tea. Their taste will be amazing.